Modern High End Jewelry Wall Display Case

Item No.: DH24065
*Jewelry Wall Display Case
*Anti-Fingerprint Finish
*Lockable glass showcase
*Smart Lighting System
*Video or on-site inspection accepted.


Factory Black and Grey Custom Made Simple Modern High End Jewelry Wall Display Case With Bright Smart LED Lighting For Jewelry Retail Store Showroom

Overall Size : customize as you need
Design Style : Simple Modern Style , Combination Of Practicality And Beauty
Material : Stainless Steel, Ultra-clear Tempered Glass, LED Strip Light, LED Spot Lights, MDF etc
Color & Finish : Hairline golden Color Stainless Steel, with an anti-fingerprint finish, Grey or black Grain Decorative Wood
Placement Type : Floor Standing
Voltage : 100-240V (input), 12V(output) ,can be used directly
Power Plug :Correct plug for delivered country
Package : Enclosed wood cases with forklift feet
Customization : Brand logo, Leatherette color, LED lighting color, Metal color, Size etc.

This is a Modern High End Jewelry Wall Display Case. The alternating combination of black and gray makes the wall display case more luxury and gives people a strong visual impact. The golden brushed anti-fingerprint stainless steel frame decoration not only makes the wall display case more beautiful, but also makes the wall case stronger. The display showcase in the middle of the wall cabinet is made of ultra-white crystal tempered glass, which has ultra-high light transmittance and can truly restore the original color of the jewelry. Equipped with an intelligent lighting system, the jewelry will sparkles and attracts customers’ attention. One stop solution factory, welcome to contact us.

Vintage Jewelry Wall Display Case

Modern High End Jewelry Wall Display Case

Custom made Jewelry Wall Display Case

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